Primeval Gardens Paulownias
1-10 Trees
11 +  Trees
Paulownia Elongata
Timber variety Paulownia
Height- 70-80 Ft.
Hardiness- +5 to 120 degrees F

  (1-2 ft)  tall trees  Sold Out
$20.99 Each
$18.99 Each

October-April trees may be trimmed back to the roots.
We will be happy to hold your plants until the weather warms.

If you are still getting frost in your area please ask for your plants to be held until danger of frost has past. Frost can damage new growth on Paulownia trees.


Orders are shipped USPS Priority Mail.
Orders are typically shipped on Mondays or Tuesdays of every week. If your order comes in on a Tuesday after mid-morning, it may not be shipped until the following week. We are a small farm and do our best to get orders out in a timely manner, but sometimes we get behind. Your patience is appreciated.

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Hardy In Zones 6-11
(below zone 7 trees may freeze back in winter)
Find your Growing zone
Paulownia trees may be grown in colder climates, but the tree will die back to the ground every winter. If it dies back every winter it will never reach mature blooming size, but it will still add interesting foliage to your yard or garden for the summer. Mulch roots heavily with straw or leaves in fall in climates that get below 15 degrees F. We do not guarantee survival of the trees over the winter if you are in USDA growing zone 5 or lower.
1-10 Trees
11 +  Trees
$35.99 Each
$33.99 Each
(2-3 ft) tall trees 
These trees have been cut back to ground level for winter. You will be purchasing the strong roots of a 2-3 ft tree.

Shipping will begin March 1st 2012.